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Below is an updated thought model for my body from a previous submission. The response on the other one wasn’t answered using the model I submitted.

I’m having trouble with the result line. Can you tell me if the result seems correct for this model?

C: My Body
I liked my smaller body better
My stomach is bigger than I want it to be
I’ve been eating too much lately
My stomach is bigger than I want it to be
Body checking in the mirror, only from the side angle to see how much my stomach pokes out
I keep disrespecting my body



I’m so sorry that we made a mistake with your prior model. I’m not sure what happens and we will investigate to make sure this doesn’t happen again…

The structure of the self-coaching model is right. Well done! The reason you are struggling is that you haven’t flushed out the A-line enough… You are only scratching the surface. Your brain is protecting you from seeing all the A’s you are taking ( Conscious and subconsciously) to ensure you maintain the beliefs that your body is better when smaller. Having unproductive thoughts and feeling dissatisfied leads to more than 1 action… sometimes it helps to move into an easier area of our life and observe ourselves when feeling the same way “ dissatisfied”. When you feel dissatisfied at work what behavior do you typically have? When it’s with your partner? What else do you do when feeling dissatisfied with your body? Here’s what I typically see in models: A’s: Overthinking about how the body should be, ruminating how much better body was when…., overthinking how I can change the size of my body, continue to wear clothes that are too tight, daydreaming about how life would be better if…., suck in my stomach when present with other people, keep my short on when having sexual interaction, overthink if I’m really hungry, challenge my ability to feel full, restrict food that I believe leads to weight gains, Google a solution to lose weight naturally, etc… These are just samples. Go deeper what is truly the range of A’s you have?

Once you can see all the A’s for this T your result will be evident. Remember that your R proves your T right… So likely your R will prove your stomach is bigger than what you think it ought to be.
Next, I need you to flush out every thought in this TD…. run every one of them via a model and see the full scope of how these beliefs are impacting your life. This is the way for you to determine the right intentional thought to cultivate to change the core belief about your body.

Again we are really sorry for the error.