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Wanting to check this model to see if I am on track? I just did the full model for one of the thoughts from the thought download.

C: Walking on the trail with the dogs
TD: This should be easier for me to do… I am really out of shape.
I should be able to handle this hill without being so out of breath or having to stop.
I am focused on how my body is out of shape on this walk.
I wonder if I will ever be able to find this to be an easy trail.
I don’t know how I will be able to handle longer and more difficult hikes.

T: This should be easier for me to do… I am really out of shape.
F: Ashamed, Angry, Exasperated, Frustrated
A: I stick to the easy trails. I don’t push myself. I cut my walks short
R: I miss opportunities to hike, and I continue to be out of shape.



Great job showing up for coaching, sister! Let’s do this!

So first off, for a first model, this is very well done! I’ll give a few pointers:

1- C is very good. Neutral, short and factual.
2-TD: Very good… many thoughts. Complete thoughts. No questions. Great.
3- The model:
The T line: you have two distinct thoughts blended as one, which leads you to have more than 1 emotion in your F line. The use of punctuation typically is a sign of multiple T’s.
First T: This should be easier for me to do…
Second: I am really out of shape.
4- Your F line should contain only 1 emotion. One T to one F. All the emotions listed currently in your F are probably attached to the other T in your TD.
If you can’t figure out how to identify the F to the T: Close your eyes and repeat the T in your mind and do a quick body scan. You’ll be able to connect each T to 1 F this way.
5- A line is good. To expend, check in with each one of your bodies when looking for Action: When it goes on in your mind? In your emotional body? etc.…
6-The R line is the most challenging one. The R line proves the T line right. So from there, start with the statement: I create _____ and see how you’re creating your T to become a reality.

Overall, awesome comprehension for a beginner! You will rock at this!