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Understanding Intuitive Eating – response

My response –
TD-I cant just eat what i want, i cant control myself and i will put on so much weight.
T- i should be following a diet so i can see results
E-Overwhelmed , stuck , sad
A-Go back to restricted eating
R-Feel like a failure again


Great work, sister!

So if I’m clear, you want to understand better why you are responding in such a way to intuitive eating? If that’s not right, report your question, and I will change my answer. But right now, this is what I’m going to coach you on.

So you listed C: Eating, but from the look of it, it’s about intuitive eating.

C: Intuitive Eating
TD-I can’t just eat what I want
I can’t control myself
I will put on so much weight.
I should be following a diet so i can see results

Up to here, all is good. Now you need to individualize each thought so you can see what A-R each one creates.

Each individual thought creates 1 emotion. So what you listed was many emotions in the E line. You need to ask yourself: When I think, “I should be following a diet so I can see results,” what do I feel in my body. If it’s hard to figure out, first know it’s normal. You need the practice to be able to feel the sensation each thought creates in your body. Dieting numbed your ability to feel… so you need to rekindle this skill.

So close your eyes and repeat the thought, “I should be following a diet so I can see results”, and scan your body. What do you feel? What emotion is that? Is it overwhelmed? Stuck? Sad?

Then when you put your finger on this emotion, ask yourself: “When I feel X, what do I do”? Fully explore your range of action? In the moment? Later in the day? The next day? How does this emotion impact, yes, your relationship ship to food, but what beyond that? When you feel stuck, you may have thought of going back to dieting, but you may also procrastinate in your work. You may ruminate on your relationship… what else happens?

Then when you feel this way X and take the Actions… what is the result? Remember that your thought creates your result. So your results should prove your thought right. So, for example, if you think, “I should be following a diet so I can see results,” you are likely to create ONE of these results: a desire to go back on a diet/ go back on a diet / explore the newest diet(s) / not practice intuitive eating ….

T- I should be following a diet so I can see results.

T-I can’t control myself.

T- I will put on so much weight.

T-I can’t just eat what I want

Once you explore all of these thoughts, sit back and reflect. Can you see how your thoughts about intuitive eating create your struggle with intuitive eating?

What do you want to believe about intuitive eating? If you want to create the result: “I’m becoming an intuitive eater,” what do you need to think to create this result? That’s what we call intentional thinking… we think intentionally to what we want to create.

So I suggest you do the self-coaching as above and resubmit for coaching. Then I can coach you to make sure you are fully conversant with self-coaching and then you can create your intentional thinking.