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What you said was GOLD. Thank you so much.
My answers are as follows.
T- I should be following a diet to see results
E- Incredible sadness
A- I beat myself up and find the next diet to follow. I plan it out. I factor in the exercise. I give everything I can to try RALLY myself.
R- I follow the diet until I don’t, and the result is another failure.

T- I can’t control myself
E- scared
A- Create a strict plan to follow, so nothing is left to me.
R- I follow the plan for a while until I prove myself right and go out of control.

T- I will put on so much weight
E- Disgusted
A- Eat in secret and lie to myself.
R- I put on even more weight.

T- I can’t just eat what I want.
E- Panic
A- Restrictive eating. Don’t go out so I won’t be tempted.
R- I restrict myself on every level until I lose all control.

I see my struggle is because I don’t trust myself or the process of Intuitive Eating.
I don’t trust it because there is no plan, I can’t see or gauge my results, and I am scared I don’t know what I’m doing so I will fail again.


Great work! So I’m going to provide you with coaching on your response and guide you to the next step.

1- Step 1 of changing anything in your life is to understand why is it you want to change and why. This is what step 1 of self-coaching does for you. So is it clear to you what the problem is?

Is it your body? Is it you actions? Or is it your thinking?

First model coaching:

Incredible sadness isn’t an emotion. Refer to worksheet Processing All the Feelings. Get familiar with the different emotions and identify the one that represents what you feel within you. This is really important. Could it be despair?

This coaching will apply to all of your models. What else to you do beyond the spectrum of food and diet as a result of how you feel? When we feel profound emotions such as despair, the consequence will go way beyond food and diet. That’s a guarantee. How does it affect your relationship(s)? Your work? Your self-care? Your family?

Explore your A line way deeper… this will help you commit to changing your thinking. You will see patterns of coping behaviours beyond the food as well. For example, every time you feel despair, even at work, you likely do the same actions… yet the problem isn’t food. Can you see the power of doing this?

Finally, it appears that you found the real issue… you don’t trust yourself. Intuitive eating isn’t the problem as we expected. It’s normal that you don’t trust yourself now because that’s exactly what dieting required… it required you to disconnect from trust and respect towards yourself. So your mission is to rebuild a relationship of trust and respect with yourself. The way to do this is intuitive eating. Slowly gradually, you will practice trusting yourself at first with your eating cues.

Now, let’s work on an intentional way to think of self-trust using Lesson 6 of Confident.- Change your thoughts, Change your life!