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Hello! My question is about tiredness and exhaustion.

I usually say, “I feel tired/exhausted”, but according to the self-coaching model, I’m not sure if it is a feeling. Sometimes I think it’s a circumstance that I need to be neutral about, sometimes I wonder whether it’s just a thought, and sometimes I wonder whether it’s a result of my actions. Many times I feel tired, and I wonder how I can tackle this using self-coaching…

Thank you!


Hello! Great question, sister.

I feel tired is a thought.
I feel exhausted is also a thought.

It’s not a C because a C is neutral. So the C might be energy level, and then the thought is: I feel exhausted.

Fatigued is the physical component, and tired is the emotional component.

As a feeling, tired has a quality of feeling sorry for oneself. Is it possible that this is what happens to you when you have the T: I feel tired?

So it’s optional to think I’m exhausted or I’m tired. It’s an option that you have.

What if you weren’t tired? What if you weren’t exhausted? If what you felt then was instead normal? Then what?

How to investigate this?

Get specific on the C:
C: Work exist
T: I feel exhausted
E: Self-pity
A’s: Don’t do anything / lay on the couch / avoid work / ruminate why I’m so tired / overthink why I’m so tired.
R: I confirm to myself I’m exhausted.