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Hi – I am looking for feedback on my self-coaching model with the intentional model. Thanks.

C: getting showered and dressed in the morning
TD: my belly is big, my body is bigger than it used to be, my arms are big, I need to get dressed ASAP to hide my flab
T: My Belly is big
F: shame, unattractive
A: get dressed quickly, avoid the mirror while naked
R: wear clothes that “hug in” the belly, wear clothes that hide the belly

T: this strong belly gave me my two boys
F: Proud
A: wear whatever I like regardless of how belly looks
R: inner monologue quiets or even becomes kind

another intentional on the same model
T: this strong belly keeps me healthy
F: grateful
A: don’t feel an urgent need to get dressed to hide my body, look in the mirror at my naked body R: relaxing day, able to focus on important things in my life such as my family



You are doing well with your self-coaching. Both intentional models are done well, and the structure is good.

A few advanced coaching for you:

In the C really “getting showered and dressed in the am” ? The circumstance is the trigger of the thoughts you are experiencing. Is the problem taking a shower or your belly?

When I read your thoughts, it’s all about your body image, not showering. So to me, the C: My belly exists.

Another point I want you to dig further is the A line… You are posting A’s that have to do with the specific moment of the shower, but I’d like to see you go beyond this. How are your thoughts about your belly affecting you beyond the morning time? What about the rest of the day? Dig deep…

I think once you change your C from being about the shower to C: My Belly exists, you’ll be able to see the full range impact of your body image challenges.

Try this and let us know how you do!