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Hello, I’m giving this another try after reading your last feedback.

C: Thighs touching
TD: legs are fat, I have thunder thighs, I’ve gained weights
T: I’ve gained weight
F: anxious, scared, unworthy, depressed
A: hide from the mirror, inner critic starts speaking, push away feelings, numb thoughts so the body is numb
R: hyper-aware of thighs (and body) all day, push feelings down all day, restrict food, overexercise

Intentional model
C: thighs touching
T: my thighs are strong and healthy
F: peaceful, content
A: look in the mirror and feel joy, speak nice things to myself, deep breathing to embrace my feelings
R: connected to feelings all day, eat intuitively, exercise in a joyful way

Feedback, please. Thanks!!!



The C is much better… your thighs touching is the actual trigger of the thoughts not looking in the mirror. Great work there!

The A line is also much better much broader so you can see how this unintentional thought impacts your whole life. As you can see a lot of old patterns of actions are being activated with these unintentional thoughts. Great work investigating!

The intentional model is great. The only feedback I would have is the R line.

R: connected to feelings all day, eat intuitively, exercise in a joyful way

These are not results but rather Actions. These connected to feelings all day, eat intuitively, exercise in a joyful way have to move in your A line.

The result is the reality you create by thinking the thought in the T line. The R line is proving the T, right… So the R is not too far from the T.

So an easy way to find the R is by using this sentence:

When I think ___________ (my thighs are strong and healthy) I create the reality _________

You create that you respect your thighs for their strength and health (by moving them, nourishing them, ensuring they are relaxed and not tense, etc…)

This is a great model to begin your body neutrality journey. In the future, you’ll need to bring your fear of fatness to the forefront. Month 3 of Conquer and Thrive – Liberated – The Body Neutrality will help you with this.

Just like every woman, you were raised to believe that women were their body… That a woman’s value was in her beauty and ability to be thin. You see yourself as your body. Your self-worth is “tangled” with your weight… that the core issue and why you get tripped up with your thighs touching.

Hope this helps!