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Below is a thought model for my body. I’m having trouble with the result line. Can you tell me if the result seems correct for this model?

C: My Body
I liked my smaller body better
My stomach is bigger than I want it to be
I’ve been eating too much lately
My stomach is bigger than I want it to be
Body checking in the mirror, only from the side angle to see how much my stomach pokes out
I keep disrespecting my body


Hello sister!

So you are working on your unintentional model about your body… well done so far.

The F line is missing… Should I assume this is an error? For the R line: Part of the reason why you might be struggling with finding the R is you haven’t flushed out the A-line enough. You are listing one A: body checking but what else do you do when you think “My stomach is bigger than I want it to be”…. Here’s so A’s I have observed from coaching women on the Body image model before: 1- Overthinking about their body part, comparing their body part to prior time or other people, ruminating about perceived reasons why their body part is too “big”, judging themselves for having done the “perceived action” that ” cause the body part to be bigger”, refusal to buy clothes that fir the said bigger body part properly, impacted freedom in the sexual interaction, commenting or mind judging their body part, physical or psychological restriction of ” bad food” that “caused” the body part to get bigger, perfectionist expectation of what the “body part” should look like, etc…These are just some ideas for you to get you started. Once you can see all the A’s you create the R will become more evident. Remember that you create your R that proves your T right. So if you T is “My stomach is bigger than I want it to be” you will create an R that your stomach is bigger than you think it should be. The other important element here is to flush out each T in its own model. Working on your intentional body for your body image is one of the most profound works women can do. It takes time to flush out all the T and A created by the socialization to diet culture and patriarchy for women’s bodies.

When working on core beliefs like body image I like to keep my journal open and keep coming back to it over days… daily 10 or so minutes of work. In between sessions, I keep thinking about it and it becomes clearer. Keep submitting as you progress.

Well done sister!