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I joined undiet your life back in July 2022 and I havent got very far with it. I really haven’t done anything in quite a few months and I almost feel like I should restart at the beginning but I’m scared if I do that I am won’t be able to finish the program before my membership expires. Ugh. Seems like it is just another thing I started, paid for, and didn’t follow through with. I’m pretty frustrated with myself but I do believe in what you are putting out there and I want to give it another ago. Any advice on this?


Hi there,

You’re in the right place for coaching! It sounds like you have some thoughts about your ability to complete the program but are also aware that this may be a pattern for you.

Let’s start with some basics from the model. Our circumstance stays neutral. How we feel results from our thoughts about the circumstance. Our feelings then drive our actions or inactions. Currently you have multiple models running, so think about the following models to get started:

C: Undiet Your Life
T: I really haven’t done anything in quite a few months
F: Frustrated, “Ugh” (I invite you to explore this feeling and name it. It might be frustration or something else)
A: Restart the program
R: Don’t finish before membership expires

C: Undiet Your Life
T: I should restart at the beginning
F: Fear
A: Don’t do anything
R: Don’t finish before membership expires

With the R above, your brain is also offering thoughts about you starting and never following through with anything. With this awareness, you want to question the thoughts that your brain is offering you. E.g., is it true that you haven’t done anything? what does starting at the beginning mean? when exactly is your membership expiring? Then decide whether your current thoughts are serving you and if you want to keep them or not. The lesson, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life in “Confident” in the portal will be very helpful for this next step because it sounds like you want to try again. To try again, you’ll want to create a new model that gives you the result of completing the program in the time that you have left if you want.

Your next steps are to unpack those models, watch the lesson, then create a new model and come for coaching.