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Hi! So if I stop dieting it feels like I am being contradictory if I still am conscious of what I eat and the exercise I do.


It’s totally understandable that you think this way. That’s exactly what diet culture has programmed us to believe. Common thoughts we believe are “Health is the result of dieting” or “Health can only be achieved if you restrict and control”. Really important to note that these are thoughts not facts. I would suggest you get curious about what health means to you, what thoughts you currently entertain in your mind about what health is and how you have to behave to be healthy. The thoughts you have about health is what create how you feel about health, and your feelings are what produce your health-promoting behaviours. A reminder that no action is still action: it’s called procrastination.

The best way for you see why you feel contradiction is to use the self-coaching model. C= Health and then do a complete TD about health. See what’s hiding in your mind that drives this feeling of contradiction.

Then you can decide if these thoughts are what you want to continue to entertain in your mind. You get to decide what you think about health… that’s empowerment.

If you think you need to upgrade your thoughts about health you can listen to podcast 208 – Health Beyond Dieting and weight loss or read this article Chasing Health with intuitive eating.