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I have never abused alcohol but particularly during the pandemic, I am drinking more regularly. Unlike my history with sugary foods, I don’t drink beyond a point where I feel like I have had enough. However, drinking often leads to my eating sugary food in quantities that take me beyond fullness or satisfaction.


As humans, everything we do, we do for a reason. We have a significantly evolved brain that leads us to make the best choices given the circumstance we are experiencing. That’s a fact.

So from this place, let’s look at the action of drinking alcohol. You state that the circumstance of the pandemic led you to have the action of drinking alcohol. What are your thoughts about the pandemic? Your thoughts about the pandemic create a feeling that produces the action of drinking alcohol.

I’d suggest you use the self-coaching model to first investigate the thoughts you have about the pandemic and the actions/results it create in your life. Then you can decide if you want to continue to think this way, given the results it created for you. If you choose to change your thoughts about the pandemic, you can then use the intentional self-coaching model to create new thoughts.

It also appears that you have thoughts (opinions) about food containing sugar as you label then as “sugary foods” which sound very much so dieting term. Food is neutral that it contains sugar or not, but our thoughts about the fact that it contains sugar is what makes it good or bad. Typically foods that we believe to be “bad” are restricted. Restriction creates urges and desire to eat because of its restriction. That’s the conundrum of dieting: restriction & binging.

This is what intuitive eating is centered around: stopping labelling food so we can put an end to the cycle of binging and restricting.