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I should mention how frustrated I am with myself. I don’t believe that diets work but I am really struggling with worrying about what other people think of me. I want to change this and I need to change this. I feel like people are judging my weight This is something I have put up with since I was in elementary school.

I want the freedom that you have found. I’m tired of searching for next weightloss fix. I have all this noise in my head that I need to clear. Noise about what I should or shouldn’t eat. Noise about my body and the weight I should be. I want freedom. I want to live and enjoy life and not be 80 years old and still worrying if I should have the piece of cake or eat the Doritos. I don’t want life to continue to pass me by.


Hi there,
First, I want to start by saying that it is totally normal for you to feel frustrated about your situation. When there’s noise, it makes it challenging to hear yourself or know the next best step to take.

The first step is to clear the noise and you do this using a thought download. I will invite you to go back to the Module “Confident”. Define your circumstances – body, food, etc.

Next do a thought download on all of the thoughts you have about those circumstances and create models for them. Notice how they are creating your current feelings – frustration, fear, worry and the results that this is creating in your life currently.

The models will give you awareness, which is a great step toward the freedom that you want. Don’t miss this step. Follow the lessons in Confident to work out the models that you create, then bring them for coaching.

Also, can you find space to bring compassion rather than frustration with yourself? How would the version of you who has freedom and enjoys her life approach this experience and treat herself? Embody that as you work through this.