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Hi there! I was listening to the private podcast; Q&A 20…it talks about not eating and learning to feel the hunger. Well, my question is, when I do feel hungry, I have a hard time on WHAT to eat…

Back story: I’ve done it all…. but my most vivid “diet” that comes up in my brain is one I have heard from an ex-coworker. She told me only to eat one sandwich (any kind) a day. Then the rest of the day, drink red bulls…..!!!! I did, and I was very active and at my thinnest and drinking cases of Red Bull a day. I’ve also done the whole fasting thing… and shakes, WW, Adkins, etc…

But now yearrrrrrs later and working with Stephanie, I’m trying to feel my hunger, and my mind goes directly to caffeine!! carbs!! sugar!! And I don’t have an appetite.
Also have been recently in the process of figuring out my stomach pain, I have an appointment with the gas Dr. and I’m pretty sure I have an ulcer.

So there’s that issue too. HELPPP



That’s a great question.

Based on your question, I will assume you haven’t done yet the PEACEFUL COURSE, which teaches you exactly how to find your hunger and practice food habituation. So I will coach you from being in CONFIDENT knowingly you will go deeper as you unlock PEACEFUL.

First and foremost, you need to work on your mindset around hunger. You have a lot of thoughts about your hunger, and none of them are facts. Use the self-coaching model inside CONFIDENT to work thru these:

I’m trying to feel my hunger
My mind directs me to caffeine, carb, and sugar
Caffeine is bad
Carbs are bad
Sugar is bad
I shouldn’t desire carbs, caffeine or sugar
I don’t have an appetite.

All of these are thoughts, not facts. These thoughts are what creates your feeling of despair when it comes to your hunger.

You’ll need to create a new thought of your hunger to help you create new results.

Now, when we first start the process of learning to let go of dieting, food rule, and good and bad food, it’s normal to feel lost when it comes to food choices.

We have three eating cues: hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. Knowing WHAT to eat relies on the satisfaction cue.

As we begin our journey, the first step is to take time to feel our cues, even if the signals are really faith at first. When the thought comes to your mind to eat or that you feel a faith signal of hunger… Take a breath. Perhaps even place both of your hands on your stomach and apply slight pressure so you can feel your hands on your stomach. And the, ask yourself these two questions (in your mind or out loud) 1) What would make me feel satisfied right now? 2) What do I want to eat?

Again, at the start of the recovery process from dieting, your brain will want everything that you have restricted at first. That’s 100% normal. Your brain is testing you… it wants to know that you will really not restrict again any food. So your mind goes to what was restricted and testing the water… Will you really allow yourself to eat anything? Allowing all food is key.

Once you made your choice of WHAT to eat, being present with the eating experience is key. Be present with the eating and food. Eat Mindfully. Pay attention to how the food feels after eating. Does it serve you?

Let us know how it goes. Good work for showing up and asking for help!