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My mother would always tell me I ‘inhaled’ my food when I was younger. This practice, regardless of how ‘healthy’ I eat, and no matter what diet I am on, has never shifted in me. I am looking for insight around why I might eat so fast. I am working on not judging myself for it but exploring it with curiosity. Even when I concentrate on eating slowly, I might succeed for a couple of bites but eventually just start to shovel it in mindlessly until my plate is clean.

I would love to hear your thoughts and any suggestions on resources/assistance!


So it would appear that you have a deep belief about yourself that you are a “fast eater” or ” a person that inhales her food.”

The way to understanding why you have such action is with the self-coaching model. All of our behaviors are created by the way we feel and, therefore, the way we think. So you need to find the thought(s) that create this action.

If you go back to Lesson 2 of CONFIDENT and in the worksheet “Your Confidence Storylines,” we teach you how your brain functions. On p.1 we show you the complete self-coaching model:
C: eating
I’m a fast eater
I inhale my food

T: I’m a fast eater
F: _____ (Anxious? Shame? Anger?)
A: I’m not present with the eating experience, I distract myself, so I don’t feel the X emotion (Shame?), I’m not present with my food, I numb myself by eating too much.
R: I move through the eating experience quickly.

One point to sit with and reflect is that, like every other human, you were born an intuitive eater and mindful eater. Along the way, someone (seems to be your mom’s) told you words (thoughts) about your eating, and you took this person’s words as a fact . At a young age, it’s normal that we believe other people’s words and take them as facts. Today, as a grown up, you no longer need to take these words as a fact… you can change this belief (perspective) what is represented in “Your Confidence Storylines” worksheet as perspective.

So it would appear that you’ve been holding this belief that produces thought(s) that make you feel X and the response to this feeling is A; mindless eating. R: I eat fast.

I hope this makes sense. If not, ask another question!

Once you work through your unintentional model to fully understand what is happening, you can create a new way of thinking, following Lesson 6 of Confident.

Hope this helps you!