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COACH CORNER & Support service will be closed from December 19th - January 2nd, 2024. You can submit your request for coaching & support during this period and we will respond upon our return. Happy holidays!

Pre-Work: Resolution Reset Masterclass
This event has passed.

Pre-Work: Resolution Reset Masterclass

Inside the Resolution Reset Masterclass, I'll teach you the Liberated Goal Method. I'll coach you to unravel the f*cked up way we have been socialized to pursue goals and learn a new way to think, feel and take action toward your desires.

Part 1: Self-study and reflection time. 

I guide you through the setting the goal and cleaning the goal process via 3 short audio guides and a workbook.

Audio guide have been uploaded to your podcast feed. Access here

The workbook is accessible here.

Part 2- Live Masterclass January 8th, 2023

I’ll teach you how to create the new habits that will with time create the result of your goal.

Access details of workshop here.

Ready? Let do this!


December 20, 20226:00 am America/New_York