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Hello, I am on the Confident section and doing the worksheet Neutralize Your Thoughts. I’ve put together my first model and wanted to be sure I am doing it correctly. Thank you.

C: Changing clothes to go out
TD: Nothing will fit; pants will be tight; pants will pinch belly; arms on shirts will be tight; I won’t feel pretty if nothing fits
T: Pants will be tight
E: Anxiety
T: Pants will pinch my belly
E: Discouraged
T: I won’t feel pretty if nothing fits
E: depressed


Hello sister! Congratulations for showing up for coaching… learning the self-coaching skill will be a game-changer for you! I’m happy to say that your abbreviated self-coaching model, as taught in lesson 4 of Confident, is PERFECT!

C: is neutral T’s are complete, and 1 thought to 1 emotion!

Well done!

We will be waiting for you to submit the next level as you go further in your lessons!