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Am I doing this right?

Fear-based thoughts
I have to work harder for my health.
I will never get to enjoy gluten, dairy or coffee without negative health effects.
People will judge my unhealthy looks and choices if I don’t follow my own advice.
I don’t have time or support or help at home.
I don’t have money for the gym, personal trainer, etc.
I’m too tired to try to fit anything extra into my schedule, I just want to rest.
I don’t have friends interested in healthy routines to workout with, eat healthy with or that share the same interest as me.

Love-based thoughts
I can choose to eat healthy without feeling restricted.
I feel good when I eat healthy and exercise.
I’m a likable interesting person if I just put myself out there.


This is very good… You didn’t submit the sector of your life so from what I can tell these thoughts make total sense and are well categorized.

Be sure to download your audio guide to your portable device and practice your self-compassion to nurture more love-based thoughts in the future!